5 Reasons why collision shops should have online status


Get more word-of-mouth referrals

Exceptional customer service is the best kwon way of generating word-of-mouth marketing. To underscore the importance of word-of-mouth marketing in the collision industry, a survey conducted by Bodyshopbusiness.com reveals that shops get a large percentage (as much as 59%) of their business from word-of-mouth referrals.

Online status makes it easier for your customers to share your work with family members and colleagues in the office. vCheck™ makes this even easier with an easy-to-use photo sharing feature where customers can share repair photos along with your shop information with friends and family members through venues such as email and even Facebook.

Source: http://www.bodyshopbusiness.com/IndustryStatistics.aspx

Build credibility with insurance companies

As you may already know, “insurance steering” is becoming a threat to many non-DRP bodyshops. While educating customers help slightly, joining a DRP or providing excellent service to both customers and insurance agents can go a long way to keep those referrals coming in. One of the top requirements from many insurance companies is online status check for customers and for the agent.

With vCheck™, you can provide photos of the repair to your customers as well as insurance agents automatically with only a few minutes worth of photo capturing daily and vCheck™ automatically imports data from your existing shop software so you do not have to enter twice.

Showcase your work and protect your shop

Another benefit of having a status check solution is the ability to have archived photos showcasing the quality of your work. There no greater way to convince someone of your class of work than sharing with them step by step photos of sample works you have performed.

In addition, these archives can serve as proof of your work in case there are disputes. These cases may be rare, but they can cause serious damage to your shop’s reputation.

vCheck™ allows each shop to archive an unlimited number of repairs and repair photos.

Helps your bodyshop go “Lean”

Lean is the process in which your shop can create more value with less work. This is achieved by focusing on waste reduction in your process. Waste reduction is achieved by first mapping out your process and identifying the waste. For example, having a shop technician spend time on the phone providing status information to a CSR while the customer is on hold may seem ok, but doing this 10 times in one day for about 5 minutes on each call takes about an hour away from the technician’s time.

A good online status check solution provides status to customers proactively so they do not have to call, but it also helps with internal communication. For example, if a repair is to be delayed because the wrong parts were shipped, the technician can enter this information to the repair and the CSR will automatically know how to handle the customer. This takes the 5 minutes time down to a few seconds.

vCheck™ has many built-in features designed to help reduce waste in the shop process. Some examples of these include Repair Notes, Internal Messaging, Comprehensive Daily Reports for shop managers, and Customer Surveys.

Get ahead of the competition

Online status check is catching up in the auto collision industry. Be one of the first in your area to get on board and increase the number of referrals to your shop. If your competitors have already joined the movement, you certainly do not want to be the only shop with no online status check solution. Jump to the next step section help on how to choose the right solution.

3 important questions to ask when selecting a solution Who do they work for (the shop or the insurance company)? Some solutions have endorsements with insurance companies to force your shop to join. As a result, the solution is tailored to serve the insurance company with report cards on how you did.

Question to ask: Is your company tested and endorsed by any National bodyshop association?

Is the information secure? There are solutions on the market today with very little security built in (i.e. anyone can see your customers’ cars). While this may not be a problem with some customers, most customers have an issue with having their cars with license plate displayed on the Internet with no security.

Question to ask: Will pictures of my customers’ cars openly accessible by anyone on the Internet?- customer data securiy is a major concern with other solutions available and vCheck offers a secure solution both for your customers and for the shop.

Are they using your site to make money on advertisements? Online status check often requires you to add a plugin to your site in order to display photos and status information. Some providers use this plugin to also display pay-per-click advertisement on your site to make money off your customers.

Question to ask: Will your solution display any kind of advertisement non-authorized by me on my website? Or does the status check solution offer opportunities for your shop to upsell their own services?

Serges Lemo has been helping shops take advantage of latest mobile and web technologies for the last 5 years. Serges is an officer at vCheck Systems Inc., one of the leaders in customer service management for Collision and Repair shops.

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