Auto Insurance Companies Hide Important Information About Getting Full Value for Damaged Vehicles


Portland, Ore. (PRWEB) December 17, 2008 – Every driver understands the importance of having insurance for your automobile. Aside from the fact that it’s the law to have auto insurance, practicality dictates it as a necessity considering the cost of car repairs from even the slightest bumps and dents.

Unlike the cars of your father or grandfather, today’s vehicles are far more complex to the point that mere act of replacing a headlight can cost an owner hundreds of dollars. Automobile body structures are designed with crumble zones which upon impact will crush and fold into it and hopefully away from the driver and passengers. This is a good thing for safety and can be an even better thing for the local car mechanic, dealer or auto body repair shop.

Accidents of even the slightest nature can cause damage to the car’s frame, axils and wheels. This kind of damage is not always noticeable and when the auto insurance claims adjuster comes around to do the inspection, chances are it will be just the obvious outer damage that their assessment will take into consideration.

Once the repair shop’s estimates are accepted, the most insurance companies care to shell out will barely cover the cost of reconstruction, but as anyone who has tried to sell a once new car with an accident on its record will tell you, the real value of the auto is severely hampered. No matter how well the repairs are done, the car’s worth is not taken into consideration when it comes to the compensation provided by the auto insurance. This is where the term “Diminished Value” can save the day and get you the money you deserve.

Sources like report that an estimated 55% of consumers would not buy a car that has been in an accident and 81% wouldn’t consider the purchase unless they were discounted deeply. This kind of negative perception hampers the resale tremendously and unless the insurance company is willing to pony up more cash as compensation, the owners are the ones taking a major hit.

Many Auto Insurance companies have denied the existence of Diminished Value and often discourage their clients from trying to recover these dollars. While auto insurance agents try to convince you they are on your side, the evidence is to the contrary considering every time a claim is filed it means more money out of the insurance company’s pockets.

The best way to protect yourself and your assets from undervalued auto collision estimates is to have an advocate that is truly on your side. points out that in many cases even if a person demands an evaluation for diminished value on their car the insurance company may deny that diminished value has occurred. There have been instances where the auto insurance adjusters have been given scripts that guide them into providing lower value claims. These types of orchestrated procedures make having a specialist in diminished value on your side imperative.

It is every consumer’s right to have the facts and the issue of Diminished Value is one bit of information that is far too valuable to be kept hidden.

For more information about diminished value you can contact Terry Fisher at and get a free quote online for your diminished value appraisal. Call them Toll-Free at (877) 655-1661.

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