Cell Phone Auto Accidents


Many studies show that talking on a cell phone while driving causes auto accidents. A cell phone can be very distracting, especially when you are driving a vehicle . When it rings, you have to fish it out of your pocket, purse, bag, or briefcase, flip it open, find the “talk” button and then hold it to your ear to speak. All the while, you are not paying attention to the road or the drivers around you, which can, and does, cause auto accidents.

When you are driving, regardless of how experienced a driver you are or how lax traffic may be, you can cause an accident by trying to talk to someone on your cell phone while you are driving.

There are plenty of accessories for your cell phone that can help to prevent accidents such as hands free head sets and Bluetooth, which means you can speak on your cell phone with only the press of one button, and in some cases, by voice activation. These accessories drastically reduce the chance of a auto collision by keeping your attention on the road instead of on your phone.

No phone call is that important. And no one is that much in a hurry that you have to fiddle with your cell phone while you are driving. Your caller can leave a message and you can return their phone call.

Ideally, if the phone call is important, finding a safe place to pull your car over on the side of the road, out of the way of traffic is the ideal way to answer your phone while you are driving. However, some accidents are caused when people are swerving over to the side of the road to get to that “safe place” to pull over.

It is important that you remain concentrated on the task at hand, driving, and wait until it is safe to pull over. Slamming on your brakes or swerving across lanes of traffic is not concentrated or safe and can cause cell phone auto accidents really easily.

Not only is answering the phone a distraction for drivers, but reaching for it, dropping it and rooting around for it in a purse, pocket or bag, is equally as distracting. Many accidents have been caused while drivers are distracted trying to locate or reach their cell phones.

The only solution for accidents is to stop using them in vehicles all together, or only use them with hands free, voice activated accessories. In this technological age, it seems that everyone has a cell phone. And everyone is in a hurry to find out who is on the other line.

With cell phone technology has come accessories that limit distractions to drivers. Hands free, voice activated accessories allow drivers to answer the cell phone, speak to the caller and end the call with voice activation only. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, wrecking your car, driving the price of your auto insurance to the sky or potentially ending your life is a much bigger price to pay.

A Harvard University study shows that cell phones cause over 200 deaths and half a million injuries each year in the United States. These injuries and deaths, as well as the vehicles that are ruined, can be drastically reduced if drivers stay focused on the road and other drivers rather than on answering a call.

When people drive in their vehicles, there are many distractions that can cause accidents, including loud music, smoking cigarettes, crying babies and more. Imagine that you have your music on loud to sooth the crying baby, you’re smoking a cigarette and you can hear your cell phone ringing somewhere in your purse. You are on the highway trying to get to the baby’s doctor appointment in time.

Now, you have some serious distractions. You have to turn down the music, put down your cigarette, sooth the baby yourself, find your cell phone, and answer it all while you are driving. A cell phone auto accident waiting to happen? Absolutely.

This is just one example of how drivers can be so completely distracted while they are driving. In the example above, it would have been easier for that person to ignore the phone call until they got to their destination.

Cell phone auto accidents can be avoided, with proper care and attention while driving.

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