Collision Insurance Gives Driver Car Financial Security in Chicago, Illinois


Major roads are the most hostile territories a driver could ever be. There’s the probability of collisions behind the glimmering stop lights and the irritating traffic congestion which leads to road rage. In a city filled with thousands of vehicles, the occurrence of accidents are very apparent. As a commuter we resort to public transports where we squeeze our bodies like sardines while inside the train. While some are comfortably seated at the back of a cab before paying a hefty fare receipt. Some says that having a car is not practical as the mother of all commodities reaches its all time high. Despite the escalating fuel prices thousands of cars are still in production to fulfill the so called “American Dream”

Motorized vehicles comes in different shapes and sizes. It comes with different price tags depending on its make and the type of engine under its hood. Cars are associated with only one person, driver! If you are a car owner, protective and responsible driving are a must. Besides having those thoughts in mind it is also essential insuring your car for liability and security purposes. There are several insurance policies relating to your car. Some are state required while others are just bonuses in case you need one.

If you are a big fan of motor sports like Formula One and the NASCAR series. You will be blown out by the car’s extreme speed on the circuit. Accidents on a circuit is very different from cars rolling out control on the busiest roads of Chicago. Cars destroyed inside a race track doesn’t need any insurance policies in the occurrence of accidents. They have sponsors and manufacturers which keeps them paid no matter how many crashes they make. Rules are very different on the state roads. There are regulations that keeps you on a certain speed that prevents you from driving in full acceleration, preventing accident.

Traffic congestion has been a familiar picture on major roads worldwide. Where thousands of vehicles flock every part of it during rush hour. In some instances trucks, cars, and buses are piled up during an accident. And drivers are always liable for their negligence. If you are driving an insured vehicle you can lessen your liabilities depending on the damage you made on a collision. Automobile insurance coverage varies depending on the insurance packages you want to acquire. In case of collision there are regulations that mandates the driver to pay for any damages he incurred to other vehicle or property. This is one of the state required in which you can raise or lessen your liabilities, when you are “at fault” .

Collision Insurance covers repairs caused by damages you obtained from automobile accident. It grants reimbursement from payments to services you made for body works and after market parts for your car repair. While collision insurance covers human made factors, comprehensive automobile insurance differs its coverage by damaged caused by unknown party or “act of god”. Damages caused by mother nature like typhoon and earthquake are covered in this policy. If your car became part of the thievery world you will be compensated according to the present value of your car. Automobile Insurances are broad and should not be taken for granted. In case you encounter any road mishaps. Auto insurance companies will gallantly cover your liabilities, helping you slice out some of unwanted bills chasing you down the road.

City-Quote became a reality in the fall of 2000 with a main purpose; don’t be eaten by the bigger fish, become the bigger fish! Insurance Agencies across the country face an overwhelming amount of competition that did not exist a few years ago. Many agencies have been sold or merged as a result. With the belief that “necessity is the mother of all inventions”, City-Quote was born.

As the principal of a successful, growing agency, Kevin Hale, CEO and founder of began a virtual sales site named San to appeal to the people of San Francisco, CA. This website was specifically designed to dovetail with Hale’s brick and mortar presence of Hale Insurance in San Francisco. Knowing that technology was rapidly changing the insurance environment, San became the answer to consumer’s demands of online quotes with multiple companies.

Insurance professionals realize that consumers will “shop” for many products online, including insurance, but they also know that insurance is a product that requires an extra layer of protection and customer comfort. Thus, every City-Quote agency has the tagline, “online insurance with personality”-The personality is the local agent!

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