Collision Repair Centre Etiquette ? Will you be Ready?


Crash!! How can you be prepared for a vehicle accident? Perhaps your reaction time was just a little too slow, or the weather conditions really did mean slow down. Well, now what?

Vehicle collision is an everyday, worldwide occurrence. When automobile accidents happen, most people are not prepared for the initial impact, nor for the subsequent impact on their daily life and the inconvenience that usually follows.

For most people the second largest investment you will make is the purchase of a vehicle. The aftermath of an auto accident is a very stressful time. Getting back on the road after an experience of shattering glass, crunching steel and squealing brakes can be an overwhelming task to take on in an already busy day.

Collision repair centres are found in every town or city. Repair centres offer a diverse range of services from the actual repair of your vehicle (to manufacturers’ standards) to the management of the claims paperwork for insurance, arranging the use of a loaner car, and perhaps transportation to and from the repair centre. Some repair centres offer 24-hour accident assistance and towing, and nationwide warranties.

Choosing a collision repair centre is not an easy decision to make and one most people hope to avoid. When you or a family member need to decide on the repair centre best suited to your needs, perhaps these tips would be helpful.

Remember, a vehicle that is unsafe due to an accident should not be driven.

It is very common to see differences in auto repair estimates from one centre to another. Ensure that the lower repair estimate covers all the required work.

Ask if the centre works well with insurance companies to ensure your vehicle is repaired and back on the road as quickly as possible.

Save yourself time and make sure upfront that the shop can do all the necessary work including collision related mechanical and frame repairs and custom painting for complete restoration.

Check the body shop to see if it is clean and has good lighting.

Licenses, and training certifications should be posted. Signs of training indicate that the facility is keeping up with changing technology.

Your vehicle is an investment in your lifestyle. The vehicle collision centre you choose to repair your car should be professionally interested in returning your investment to you in a restored condition that preserves its value and keeps you on the road safely.

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