Worksheet for Acquiring Low Cost California Auto Insurance


Shopping for cheap auto insurance in California can be a labyrinthine process, but there are a few basics that it can be broken down into which allows you to see the big picture. In 6 easy steps, you can know exactly what you need to look for and how to get a low cost policy.

Step 1: Do you have any assets?

Do you have any lare assets that someone could sue you for? Technically you are personally liable for any damage you cause to another person which goes above the amounts you’re insurance covers.

Step 2: Do you have a car worth $10,000 or more?

Is your car relatively new, and still worth quite a bit? If so, you will want to get car insurance that covers

Step 3: Decide on liability

If you answered yes to Step 2, then you’ll want to purchase more car insurance liability than the California minimum requires. Your policy won’t be as cheap, but you’ll cover your assets in case of a law suit. On the other hand, if you answered no to Step 1, then consider going with the lowest liability insurance you can. California requires 15/30/5 by law.

Step 4: Decide on collision and comprehensive

If you answered yes to Step 2, you will then want to consider getting both comprehensive and collision car insurance. Collision will cover your vehicle in a crash, no matter whose fault it was. Comprehensive will cover your vehicle in case of theft, fire, etc. If you answered no to Step 2, then you may want to consider forgoing the collision and comprehensive and risk having to cough up the money to do your own repairs.

Step 5: Get discounts

To get your California auto insurance as cheap as possible, first consider going with a very high deductible. A deductible is the amount you pay first before insurance picks up the rest of the tab, and if you ask for a high one, you will get an overall cheaper premium. You can also get discounted insurance by having airbags and certain security devices installed on your car, but check with the local insurance companies to see what discounts they actually offer as they change frequently.

Following the above five steps, you should be able to determine if you should go with low or high liability, and if it’s worth adding collision and comprehensive or not, and how high your deductible should be. Now, shop around! Using what you know you need, compare prices and you will be able to get a cheap California auto insurance policy!

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